Le projet WikiNomics (http://wikiskills.net/wikinomics/) favorise le dévelopement des compétences collaboratives (wiki skills)  nécessaires à l’employabilité, et l’insertion, dans le monde du travail actuel.

A partir de la mise en oeuvre de méthodes wiki, le projet établit les bases d’un système pédagogique innovant.

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WikiNomics: a, European funded, international project

The WikiNomics project aims to foster key competences required for employability in the constantly changing environments of the world of work. It sets free-culture and wiki methodologies as the basis for an innovative pedagogical methodology.

Meet our partners !

Ynternet.org Fondation leads a collective effort in order to improve, reuse and disseminate existing wiki skills and material, with a focus on the area of economy and employment. This will happen together with the :

HES-SO, The Geneva School of Business Administration

MAC-TEAM, the Multi Actors Cooperation of SMEs, corporate, individuals, universities, training centres, research centres, SME federation, Chambers of Commerce, Business incubators.

University of Barcelona, and more specifically its Faculty of Pedagogy

The Polish Federation of Engineering Associations (FSNT), Chief Technical Organization (NOT) ia non-profit organization embracing technical and engineering circles in Poland.

The ‘Centro de incubação e Desenvolvimento de Empresas /Biospin’ (CiDEB) – Center for incubation and Development of Companies is a Business Incubator that associates the UCP and relevant organizations in the area of Entrepreneurship, in Porto.

The Wikiangels network (http://wikiskills.net/get-started/hire/) has already used wiki methodologies in order to support the Wikithon of the World Bank Knowledge Forum and to promote WikiSkills training at teachers’ level and getting the teachers implementing it in Master courses in the France Business School.