Interested in innovative research and training for common good ? scientific committee is gathering reknown experts with result-oriented successful micro-entrepreneurs, all experienced on managing societal transitions for your public or private organization.
Our reason to be is described in one single key word : netizenship, alias citizenship on the net.

Internet is our playground to help you manage your own transition and optimize your position.
We can co-design and co-garden working groups with the right people in key communities of the emerging Netizen culture. We can manage partnerships with local as well as worlwide leaders of successful projects and movements. Some symbols : GNU/Linux, Firefox, CreativeCommons, Wikipedia. But also projects on Netsafety, eLearning, FreeHardware DYI movements, alternative currency webprojects, MOOCs.

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Concrete results : 

« The netizen » : a draft English translation of our key book : download here
10 years of hard work to co-design it. Contains contributions and references of leading visionnaires of common good in information society, such as Larry Lessig (fonder of Creative Commons licenses), Julian Assange (wikileaks) and Richard Stallman (founder of the GNU project, as in GNU/Linux). « the Netizen » is the first global handbook on digitally supported working, learning and living. It helps us all avoiding to lose ourselves within the cyberspace, to stay aware and stabilize our roots in cyberspace, although uses of technologies seem to be in everchanging moods. It presents for the first time clearly the properties of digital environment (instantaneity, decentralization, multilaterality..), and their invariable impact on economy, policy-making, philosophy, sociology, technology, psychology and many more. It shows what was up 20 years ago on the net, and still will be within 20 years. Download now.

Leaflet for institutions coordinating H2020 future projects :
Why Include eCulture & netizenship Into Your Project ?

Tedxgeneva, a great event support by with over 25 brilliant talks in English

Wikiskills and wikinomics, two EU training programme coordinated by Yorg foundation
Watch the 8 minutes movie wiki-what, as gateway to free culture and netizenship

Handbook on best practices using internet in hospital for reinsertion of patients

Presentation on wikiskills for EU commission

See portfolio of all previous and ongoing projet : a brief profile

In, the Y means why, because we care about the meanings of internet.
The final .org mean non profit, common good, it’s a mark of respect for the collective wisdom, todays at stake in information society.

Founded in 1998 with support of Swiss government, its passed in 2006 from association to foundation, as independant body within civil society. Based in the university campus of Battelle (Geneva, Switzerland), it is serving public interest in multilateral projects and private-public partnership.

60-80 yearly contributors, including experts, social entrepreneurs and volunteers, are contributing to this mission of promotingresponsible behaviours in digital environment, with activities focused on :

– research and training on behaviours in the internet
– campaigns on responsible behaviours
– designing and gardening communities of practices in a nutshell

  • Pioneering in the web 2.0 and blog systems since 1999 as international institute
  • Experience in multilateral research training projects (EU, LLP, Erasmus, Swiss) since 2014
  • Tools and methodology adopted by over 5’000 NGOs for reducing social gaps through ICT.
  • 2007 : regional and national innovation prices for the « 50€ ecoPC initiative »
  • Partnerships with Africa and South America
  • Co-piloting over 25 international projects in less then a decade

Discover our network of skills and experts : set up your working group.
If you wish to cooperate with us, we can set up working groups leaders and experts from key communities from the emerging Netizen culture (GNU/Linux, Firefox, CreativeCommons, Wikipedia, Netsafety…),  through an international scientific committee with renown experts, such as:

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